Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Spring...and poetry of old~

while taking a walk,
I glanced up
to see the clouds-
but instead
I caught the glimpse
of a rainbow.
It wasn't raining,
and the sky was clear.
Was it there to
greet the spring?

(Mar, 1977)


These be
three spring things;
grass growing greener...
flowers blossoming...
after a storm,
a rainbow!

(Feb., 1977)


Jules said...

Well, you know I LOVE rainbows. Like a heaven sent prize of hope :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

texwisgirl said...


Mildred said...

Lovely sentiments....we're all eager for Spring and a rainbow is such a thrill any time of the year. Enjoy your day.

Out on the prairie said...

Lovely thoughts, I am ready for it big time. I get anxious like the birds.

Myne Whitman said...

Lovely poems, I wish Spring will come quickly.

Sophia said...

Sweet and beautiful! Love your words. I think I'm ready for Spring, as much as I love the snow. =)

Old Kitty said...

Wow. These are perfectly form poems!!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! take care

Daisy said...

Pretty poems, Tracy. I am VERY ready for spring to arrive this year! :)

Pat Tillett said...

Very nice! Just hearing the word "spring" makes me feel good! (and we don't even really have a winter!)

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I am so hoping for spring!! Nice poems and very appropriate for this time of year.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Photo + your poems = an inspiring, good-feeling way to start my day! :)

KathyA said...

Rainbows are so special! Now I'll have "The Rainbow Connection" stuck in my head all day!