Monday, May 17, 2010

My son, Nicholas...

I walk side-by-side with my child, fingers knotted with mine as we begin our journey: destination unknown. He squeezes my fingers to notify me of his existence, just in case I’ve forgotten. We connect with our eyes and engage in an exchange of words-their presence more essential than their meaning. In that little boy voice he asks, ‘NeeNee, do you love me?’ a question that the answer is already well-known—‘yes, my son, I love you more than you will ever know’ I speak, as a grin glides across his sweet little face.

There's something about watching your child discover his own wings and take flight. In six weeks, my son will be headed to middle school by himself because you see; we have spent four out of six years of his elementary school in the same building that employs me.....when did he become that old? I'm sure it was just yesterday when I held him tight and rocked him to sleep with a slew of songs. How I loved those hushed moments when I knew he was safe in my arms and free from the woes of the world. But will a mother's veil be strong enough to shelter her child against the anguish and despair of humanity?

It is truly my hope and prayer for Nicholas that the journey he will embark upon will be cushioned by high-quality individuals that love and support him as he soars, and catch him when he falls. I will cherish the little boy always, and nurture his soul, although no one will love him like I do, for he is my son; 'yes, my son, I love you more than you will ever know.'

good bye bis zum nachsten mal,

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