Sunday, May 16, 2010


ahhh, you found me~
...allow me to briefly introduce myself and my purpose if you don't already know me, which my guess is you probably don't, although you may think you might. I recently attended NCCAT which stands for North Carolina Center for Advancement of Teachers.  The seminar was titled, Writing Powerful Stories. Amongst the 20 or so people who had attended we were asked what our goals were for the seminar and why we were there.  Well, besides the obvious reason that it was at the beach, my favorite one actually Ocracoke Island with sand, sun and surf, I decided I needed to come out of the closet.  No, not the closet you're thinking.  You see, I have always considered myself a 'closet' writer. Throughout my life, I wrote poems, lyrics, stories but hardly ever shared or some, I never even wrote down for fear of being 'found out'. 

But within the first hours of the seminar after being instructed to write, the following came to my mind and heart...Today I will begin to let my voice be heard…it is my voice, unlike no other, with all its imperfections, and blaring scars, it is mine to behold, so very loud and proud. The shame is absent or at least muffled, the words, though slight and minute will bellow…Today I will begin to let my voice be heard!  So therefore, on May 2, 2010 I decided that whatever it was I had to say was important to someone and even if it wasn't, it was meaningful to me and isn't that cause enough?

So today after much thought and debate, this is my spot. A spot where I will be honest and awaken those threads that not many of us voice. The unvoiced feelings of growing older, of the place a family holds in every cell of my being, of experiences and for me, because I am an educator, so of being a teacher. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a friend and the more we travel in our journey together, I hope to be a beacon.

good bye bis zum nächsten Mal

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Rambling Dandelions said...

I am so grateful that you shared the words from your heart with me. It really helped me and I keep it with me still to give me encouragement when I let my focus wander from the important task of discovery that I am on. You have such a beautiful heart, Tracy, and everyone who meets you must see it.