Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Life as a Dog....and hurricanes~

I know, I know…. I haven’t been on the computer for well, in like forever, because it has taken me quite awhile to recover from our vacation to Emerald Isle and I’ll tell you why. The beach was exquisite with all the opportunities to play chase the birds and Little Daddy, search for crabbies in the sand, all my walks, and games of tag with the waves and WOW! What gigantic waves they were! There is something I don’t understand though. When we got to the ocean someone called ‘Hurricane Danielle’ had been there so there were these scarlet flags hung and Big Daddy said they were there to tell us not to swim in the ocean. Well, no one told me I could have met and played with Danielle if I had been there a couple days earlier. I bet she was pretty just like her name but evidently I missed meeting her; DARN!

Anyway, I was amused from sun up ‘till sundown. I took daybreak strolls on the beach with Big Daddy because he wakes up really early. I wonder if it has anything with me giving him licky-lickies on the face when just a hint of light peeks in the window? Ummm, anyway, he gets out of bed mumbling something about ‘Devil-Dog’ …there he goes using that word again when I know my name is Hurricane. So since he’s awake, we go frolic on the seashore with the waves. Big D. will locate a shell and fling it in the water and I will sprint after it. Once I ran too far in and this humungous wave appeared and took my feet right out from under me like I was being hog tied, and then one more wave rumbled and landed right over my head. I had to close my mouth so I wouldn’t drink any of that salt water; BLECK! But really I was frightened, I couldn’t find my feet for a split second! Big Daddy said Hurricane Danielle made the waves big; WOW, did she ever! She must have been really strong. I changed my mind; perhaps I didn’t fancy meeting her after all.

But like I was saying, I went for a jaunt every morning, then another in the afternoon. This was typically when Little D and I amused ourselves by him rushing ahead of me into the waves and after that he’d shout to me to come get him. I’d get so excited sometimes I’d knock him down. I’m so sorry Little D.  I didn't mean to, but I just love this!

Our third spree was when that life-size ball in the sky was coming down just about to touch the dazzling sapphire water. My, that was sure a pretty part of the day. Being a dog, I’m not real good with my colors but I think there were yellows, reds and oranges that streaked crossways through the sky making a beautiful backdrop for that golden ball, but then the sphere would vanish and the heavens would get dim. We’d sit on the soft sand to gaze at the birds and the people. Often the people would come to a standstill, pat my head and utter to my family, ‘He is such a beautiful dog!’ Thank you very much I’d say in my head because that’s what my family always says to them. But then, it would get too shadowy, and I would want to go in the house because well, I’m afraid of the dark and the shapes it makes, but don’t tell everyone because it’s kind of a secret.

At any rate, there were plenty of walks and times that long strap that goes around my neck which I do not like, was taken off and I could just dart, dash and scurry about…AHHHHH, I love the blast of air in my face and when it tickles my nose, it makes me sneeze! ‘Bless you!’ they’d shout in my direction! But just when I was having so much fun with the waves, and the birds and all the strolls, on Thursday my family started to put all our things in bags and boxes and place them all in our van. What was going on? We can’t leave yet. I’m still having fun! Little Daddy mentioned Hurricane Earl was coming. Well, I know I didn’t invite Hurricane Earl so why is he coming? I just don’t understand all this use of my name. And if we didn’t invite Earl, why do WE have to leave? But Little D said something about a mandatory evacuation and so the flurry of activity continued. I was anxious they were going to depart, leaving me behind so after awhile, all I really cared about was that they put ME in the van with all my treasures. Hey, Little D, don’t forget my sock under that table! UMMMM, now where did I see my ball?

PHEW, they DID situate me in the vehicle on top of my soft lamb’s wool bed…but I was so despondent and so miserable. I love my time at the beach, and I love my time with my family and I’m still wondering; why did I never get to play with any of those other hurricanes?

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