Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Life as a Dog...and my new friend!

No, we didn’t get another darling to live in our abode with me, although I’d really like a companion. As you know, I don’t like staying home by myself so having a cohort would be a wonderful welcome. I’d never be lonely and I wouldn’t be scared of the shadowy figures on the walls. I also wouldn’t feel it necessary to hide behind the door when my family comes home since I’d have the courage to greet them properly.

You see the last couple days or so when my family has taken me for my walk in the morning, which is one of my favorite times during the day. I love to see, or shall I say smell all of my friends who have come before me. I sniff the mailbox post, dribble a little bit of my scent onto it, then go over to the bush; sniff, dribble, repeat, sniff, dribble, repeat…and oh, mustn’t forget that giant tree over there. Big Daddy gets so impatient with me at times and asserts, ‘Hurricane, come on!’ in this particular firm voice as he yanks on that thing around my neck.…gosh, I’m sorry! but a dog has to do what a dog has to do! Ahh, my friend Ripley was through here earlier, or was that last night’s smell? I believe that was Rex. Rex,my man, you da dog! and can’t forget Max. Max, where have you been buddy? I haven’t smelled you in so long….EEWWW, got a little too close to that one and it went right up my nose, AAACHOOO! God Bless me!

Anyway, as I was saying about my new friend; Nee Nee and I started down the darkened street right and what did I see? Right in front of me was this diminutive gray kitty. Yes, I know I’m a dog and should want nothing more than to chase that feline right out of my neighborhood but there was something special about this cat from the moment I laid eyes on her. She, well don’t’ actually know if it was a he or she because I’m not real good at telling these things, especially on a cat, but let’s say for the purpose of my story, it was a she. Well, she bravely pranced right up to me tucked her chin to her chest and rubbed her ears against my legs. Really? Little Kitty, you are pretty daring; a large amount of dogs would devour you for breakfast. But this petite fluff ball with an ashen diamond of fur gracing her neckline kept stroking beneath my tuft of ruff. Oh, she was as sweet as my DQ ice cream and you know how much I love my frozen treat. She was brushing up against me back and forth, back and forth. I was mesmerized by her tenderness, her fearlessness and her devotion to me as a stranger.

Nee Nee hesitated and considered us with softened eyes. I wanted to inquire if we could take her home since she was obviously fond of me. Geez, we have so much love to share at our residence, instead we hedged forward and left the miniscule ball of fur sitting in the middle of the road following us with her eyes. As we sauntered away, I threw a glance back and said, ‘Good bye Little Friend, I hope to see you tomorrow.’

I love this life…and my new little friend~

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