Saturday, September 18, 2010

Three Things I Think I Think...

I often don’t dole out my opinions as a result of the quote, ‘Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone has them!’ ...while I am NOT a fan of that quote, it does serve its purpose and states the truth.  As well, typically if no one really cares to hear my opinion enough to ask, I don’t by and large serve it. So to share these things I think is an opportunity for any individual to either agree, disagree, or sustain; take your pick~

1.) An article appeared in our town newspaper, the Raleigh News and Observer discussing how $100 million dollars would be pulled from the already decreased budget to run the Wake County Public Schools. This in and of itself is not surprising in today’s economy but what caught my attention was the phrase, ‘the situation is more likely to get worse before it gets better.’ Really? The powers to be really think it’s going to get better? Because I don’t. I don’t think our school funding will ever improve because not one person in the higher echelon who is truly capable or has the opportunity to make a difference really wants to stick their neck out to effectively make education healthier for our children. Millions and millions of dollars are launched into the direction of professional athletes and entertainers; pending the education system requiring emergency CPR, there will by no means be a remedy.

2.) The words ‘I’m sorry’ were spoken to actually represent something when the expression was verbalized as well as being authentic and heart-felt. In the world we live in nowadays with disgraced athletes, crooked politicians, desecrated clergy and dishonored entertainers an apology is a sieve. Immediately get on national television and express regret and ask for forgiveness for any indiscretion committed to whomever and the world will pardon you because you happened to throw in a few random tears and words about your sincerity or lack thereof in most cases. The heartbreaker is I witness students in my class hurl the words with absolutely no remorse or affect and I wonder what our world is coming to in addition to what enormous role models they’ve witnessed and we as adults excuse.

3.) A sporting competition brings people together. No, not just in the sense that hundreds or even thousands of people meet in a singular area to root for their team but it allows individuals to experience an affiliation to something outside of themselves. Furthermore, even for people who appear to have nothing in common can share a sense of ‘oneness’ with others. A challenge evokes excitement and enthusiasm as well as provides a distraction from the more important and allows us to cast differences aside to remind us we all belong to the human race.

So, in conclusion, these are three things I think I think but offer up a reprieve and I just might change my mind, although I doubt it.

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