Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th...what was it's legacy for you?

.…waiting for the clock to tick away the precious seconds toward the marked time which ignited that outrageous day that literally halted the world; September 11! It needs no introduction or explanation since by itself can envelop all good and evil in the world in a small sachet.

However, this carton overflows with an abundance of debris that marks a person’s memory as well as the soul of each individual alive on that Fateful day…that moment in time that the world in which we had grown accustomed to changed. We were immobilized. We were shocked. We were speechless. Where were you at 8:56am on that day?

I was at Horizon Elementary preparing for our school day just like any other day. The school bell was set to ring at 9:05 so I rushed into the office to grab something; to this day I couldn’t tell you the reason nor does it really matter. However Suzy, our secretary was staring at the TV mounted on the wall and simply stated that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. A cluster of us had clogged her desk truly unaware of the magnitude of how this incident would revolutionize our world. We stood horrified as details began to unfold unaware that children were entering the building for the last time ignorant of the transformations to humanity. The day was and continues to be a haze of actions, thoughts and feelings centered on protecting the children from such horrendous news. Parents arrived at school panicked to pick up their children needing them close as teachers were stunned and silenced. void of words to depict such an occurrence.

I remember significant events recounting Sept. 11, because of the repitition of the media, but the recollection I behold is on that night we needed to escape the constant reminders so Scott and I took 18 month old Nicholas for walk around our neighborhood that was situated 15 minutes from the Columbus International Airport in which all flights were grounded. There was a silence that was eerie, almost ghostly and it frightened me. I remember kissing the top of Nicholas’ head and thinking, what kind of world will be the legacy to our children? Has that singular event changed me? Yes, it is a constant reminder that everything I know in this world can be taken away and change in an instant as in 8:56am on Sept. 11.

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Well said Tracy.