Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Life as a Dog...and Emerald Isle~

Is there a word that describes beyond excited? Like ecstatic? Ummm… maybe Euphoric? Well, that’s me today because I’m told we are heading back to the beach, Emerald Isle to be specific and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ocean!!!

In July when we were there I didn’t even wait for the car to be unpacked before I made a mad dash through the gate on the back deck toward the sparkling sapphire water. I turned around to glance back to see if my family was following me because I wanted them to enjoy it too and they had their ‘mad’ faces on so of course, I kept on running down the beach as fast as my legs could carry me. One little girl in a bright pink polka dotted suit put her hands out trying to stop so I could play, but I just turned my head her way to indicate, ‘not now…gotta run to the end of the ocean! …but love your suit!’

But you know what? There IS no end to my ocean…it just kept going and going and going….oh no, where was my family? Well, as I turned to search for them I remembered the water…ahhh, love the water except for the taste; BLECK! That’s gross! But I reminded myself to just keep my mouth shut so I wouldn’t indulge in its bitterness. Hey, I think those waves are playing tag with me…it came and got my feet. ‘Okay, now you’re in trouble’ I bark. I run toward and it chases me back and wraps itself around my legs as if to say ‘YOU’RE IT!’

We play this game until I tire of being ‘it’ and my family finally discovers me. I’m wondering, ‘hey guys, what took you so long?’ They are so jubilant to be here, they don’t even reprimand me for my grand escape as we continue to stroll along the Oceanside with the sand collecting deep in my paws. I stop and dig my mitts into the sand and send it flailing back in a shower of particles until I plop down into the cool bed of ginger grains. I gaze up at my family to tell them, ‘AHHHHH, This is the life!’

Yeah, I remember those exceptional times and more, so it’s with great exhilaration in my heart that I observe my family collecting their things so we can embark upon our journey. Nee Nee said something about the beach being tranquil, peaceful and an invitation for the stress, whatever that is, to wash into the vast ocean, but to me, it’s a never-ending playground for fun. I love this life….

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Dianna said...

Have an AWESOME time! Relax and rejuvenate! Oh, you too, Hurricane ~ shake before going inside, 'k? :-)