Sunday, May 1, 2011

"X" is for X-tra...

Happy May everyone, it’s me Hurricane!

I’m certainly glad that A to Z Challenge is over because before that started, this use to be my spot! I’d get on this contraption with the crazy buttons to divulge my stories and adventures of this life and well, since Nee Nee began that letter-thingy I’ve had plenty of missed tales.

Shhhh…Saturday while she was at school; yes, she had Saturday school because of the tornado, and I sneaked on here. I read an e-mail from my Maw Maw who wrote to tell Nee Nee she failed to remember the letter ‘X’!

Ahhh, well I’ll be…Nee Nee doesn’t know her ABC’s—who would have known?! I certainly didn’t want my mom to be embarrassed so I created a post for the letter ‘X’- Hee Hee, don’t tell her!

I’ve been really sad lately; ever since a humungous wind ripped through our town and knocked down trees, power lines and wrecked people’s homes-some of my furry friends even lost their mommy or daddy. My family has also been watching the news that tells of storms just as horrible in Alabama or Mississippi and you know what? The talking head man showed a picture of a little kitty who was found after the whirlwind and no one knows who he belongs to.

Really? Awww, I have a sister named Angel-Kitty and even though she’s a pain in my babushka from time to time I wouldn’t want her to get blown away in the tornado. Hearing this bit of information that countless pets are lost and some found made me distressed. Those that were captured need food, shelter and some need medicine.

Since I have ‘X’-tra with the love of my family, I came up with this idea of how to share. You know I wrote a book, don’t you? It’s called Life through the Eyes of a Hurricane: Doggie-Dog. Okay, Nee Nee helped me a tad, but still it’s about my experiences.

So for the entire month of May for all of you who want to help and make a difference for the lost and found animals as a result of the tornado, my Nee Nee will donate $2.00 to C.A.R.A. for each book purchased. This is the organization that took care of my sister, Angel-Kitty before we adopted her. They are now taking in homeless animals so the money will be given to help pay for food, shelter, kitty litter, blankets, toys and that yucky medicine for my little pals who have gone astray.

Numerous people want to help; many don’t know how but this is one way you can. Plus, you will have my terrific book to read. I think that suits one and all, don’t you? I’m glad we are partnering up with C.A.R.A. because I know angels are keeping an eye on my little furry friends.

To purchase my book, go here to the link. Once 100 books are purchased, the book will go into print. I’m excited and can’t wait to see my beautiful picture on the cover. Nee Nee will get a print out of all the sales then a check will be sent to C.A.R.A when May concludes.

Furthermore, I am sending you many wet lickey-lickies in your ear to thank you because any X-tra will help!

 Please send this link to all your bloggy friends and for each blog that places this link on their sidebar for one week in May, your name will be entered in a Give-Away of a completed 6 x 6 scrapbook that will feature your little darling/s, your travels, or your furry friend. Once a winner is drawn at the end of the month, you will send her your photos along with likes, treasured moments and special things you would like included. You know how much she loves to scrapbook. Won’t it be lovely to have the treasure and not have to do the work? If you would like to see examples of her pages, go here or here!

If you have no blog and want to participate in the Give-Away just purchase a book or refer a friend who purchases a book and your name will be entered into the drawing.


Berts Blog said...

Oh Hurricane, I have been worried about you out there in Tornado land. I think your idea about donating some of your book profits is excellent.

I'll talk to Vickie and see if we can help by buying one.


Ginny said...

This is a great idea, Tracy!! So glad you were not hurt in the storms!

Dawn said...

wonderful and truly thoughtful.

Nancy said...

Great way to give to your community, Tracy. :)

Wanda's Wings said...

You are very thoughtful.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm also glad that you're okay, and I think it's a wonderful to make a difference!!!

Out of My Mind said...

Ok, Hurricane, I'm hooked! I just bought the book and posted your handsome photo and link. kt

Corine said... glad you are safe! And what a totally cool idea to have some of your proceeds help lost and found animals! You are so totally AWESOME! I hope you sell a zillion books! :D

Arkansas Patti said...

You are a generous and caring dog Hurricane. Storms do leave pets so unprotected and in danger. So glad you are OK but still looking out for others.

Jules said...

High paw, low paw, cool dude. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Out on the prairie said...

It is sad to have pets without a home, but the anguish of the storm must be even more powerful. Glad you are all safe and sound, I have been camping for a few days.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I am glad that you are safe, I do know that the storms were awaful

Remington said...

Glad you are safe. How thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! So sorry to hear of all the homeless and lost animals out there. Breaks one's heart. Glad that you and your family are safe...debbie

From the Kitchen said...

Hurricane, you are a great blogger! I loved your post. I feel so sorry for those lonely and lost pets as well as their owners!


walk2write said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I hope your book sales soar, and I'm sure many pets will benefit from kind gestures like this one.

Catherine said...

Happy May to you Tracy!! Let us hope that Mother Nature is kind to us and the rest of the world. We have had enough devastation.

Big hugs,
xo Catherine

Out of My Mind said...


I pride myself on trying to visit everyone I follow as often as possible. I enjoy all of you so much and have deliberately surrounded myself with the type of up-beat, happy bloggers as possible.

However, recently I have taken in my 32 year old granddaughter and her two children. It has been such a monumental change for me I am finding it hard to keep up my blogging, and my visiting.

I hate to admit it but there have been some difficulties with adjustments (on both sides) and I find that I just don't have the time to do the things I want to do. I also seem to be letting it get me down.

Just give me some time and I will be back on my game soon....I'm sure......kt

Debra W said...

Hurricane, you have such a wonderful mommy:) She has an enormous heart and lots of love to go around. Both of you are very, very lucky!

Tracy, I am glad that you and your family are doing well with all of the crazy weather that has been happening. It breaks my heart every time I watch the news and see all of the destruction that has occurred. Please stay safe, my sweet friend!

Big hugs,