Monday, November 22, 2010

I need your opinion...

I must purchase a new pair of winter shoes since the gray flannel clogs I bought from L.L.Bean more than ten years ago finally have become so tattered and torn, wetness can seep in and soak my socks from the top. This is a bummer especially since they don’t carry them anymore, probably don’t even make them either which is a shame because I’m a creature of habit; I like comfort over what’s in style or in vogue. I can easily admit I am NOT the epitome of fashion so this decision requires much thought and deliberation! So I thought it would be rather nice if you stop by and offer an opinion, or two.

So I thought I’d do a little research as to what could or might be my next pair of shoes and then, well maybe you can offer your opinion. You know tell me what you think.


Ummm, well, if I was going to Alaska to participate in the Iditarod race or maybe to the Yukon Territory for a great bear hunt, perhaps these would be the shoes for me, but perhaps I’ll keep looking.

Oh my…if I had a strong desire to take a trip to the emergency room for a broken hip, ankle or otherwise, I certainly could buy these shoes.

What do you think of these? Perhaps these classy heels could be worn when I take off on my excursion to Africa for the Big Cats convention. Darling, they would be absolutely divine!


Or, I could consider one of these which might be my choice for those dresses I wear to educate my elementary school kids. I’m sure they would love the added entertainment to their day because certainly, I wouldn’t be able to walk across the room!

Oh and these foot coverings…do you have an opinion you’d like to share? I would no longer have to hire a pet sitter to come and feed my hamsters’ day in and day out. I could just take the critters with me! How convenient~

How can I possible resist these shoes; they are absolutely perfect for my bird-watching outings.

Feathered Footwear

This excursion through the on-line store has certainly opened my realm of possibilities. Such as this pair...There's no place like home, There's no place like home...

Seriously now, this pair I thought I could wear for those close encounters I might have while riding horses. You see, the horse wouldn't know if it was trampling on me, or well me!

Do you like these? These platform sneakers are just what I need to enhance my work out attire. I’m positive I’ll be standing tall with these on my feet!

Now this pair… They are my absolute favorite color and would match most of my shirts and sweaters so practical or not, they’d get plenty of wear for my money. My only concern is in the winter, if we happen to have snow in North Carolina my toes would get a tad cold.

I’m afraid I’ve just complicated my decision by exploring my alternatives in the shoe arena. For now, perhaps I’ll just wear my dilapidated and frayed pair of clogs. At least I won’t draw attention to myself!


Marydon said...

How on earth do these gals wear those kinds of shoes, is beyond me ... I am a comfort gal, too.

Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

kenju said...

I'd be looking for a pair of Clark's clog/slides! None of those would ever have appealed to me, except maybe the leopard print heels, when I was 17.

Ami said...

I wear butt ugly Saucony running shoes. They're extremely comfy. But not clog-like.

If you like clogs/comfort I suggest a medical uniform supply. That's where I got mine.

Really nice.

Ami said...

PS... I am too lazy to look up shoes on the internet, how much do some of those ridiculous things cost?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Glad I stopped by here to see what you were up too. What a post you did on shoes! Wow I miss being young and wearing crazy things on my feet. Now their spreading like a ducks feet because I run around here barefooted so much. haha
Honey hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving

Tracy said...

Marydon, I'm with in the world do these gals wear those shoes; but more importantly, WHY???

Kenju, Clarks is exactly what I will be looking for but not until the weather necessitates it; with 76 degress today, flip flops are just fine!

Ami, I have plenty of butt-ugly (I like that description, by the way) shoes and decided they are just okay by me...and BTW, some of those shoes cost 4 and 5 hundred dollars. REALLY?

Grandma Yellow Hair, So glad you stopped by to check on me...I need someone to keep me in line :) Even when I WAS young, I never wore THAT crazy of a thing on my feet...EEEGADS! and OUCH!

I hope you all have a Thanksgiving filled with many blessings bestowed upon you! God Bless!

Catherine said...

Those are some crazy shoes! haha! I think I would stay with your old clogs as well. Much more practical! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

The shoe industry and those they cater to have gone round the bend. Occupation of choice in the near future will definitely be Podiatrist.
Ordinary sneakers and elastic waistbands are my go to items these days. Comfort trumps style.

Champs said...

I could really use a good ole pair of saddle shoes right about now, perferably the pink and white ones. Penny loafers would be quite attractive as well.

You could however go with a pair of Ugg boots or the all famous croc's and be set!

I however will stick with my all faithful black starter tennis shoes until I can find shoes that will make my right leg the same length as my left leg!

Bossy Betty said...

Someone will shoot your feet if you go out in the feathers. Beware.

Out on the prairie said...

Hard to find a good pair, I see your problem well.The mountain goat ones would be good perhaps if you were reading the Narnia tales. I wear Merril hikers for my dress shoes and have a pair of Rocky riding boots for when that snow gets deep, or when I go riding. Look at REI and Cabela.

Tracy said...

Catherine, those are some crazy shoes...they made me laugh!

Patti, good point, perhaps the podiatrists emply the shoe designers? Ummm, never thought of that!

Champs, if I had my old cheerleading saddle shoes I could give them to you. Often I thought they were cute! AND comfortable!

Betty, again you made me laugh! Yes, it would be my luck to get my foot shot at! Thanks for the visual :)

Out on the prairie, when I begin reading the 'Narnia' tales, I'll be sure to order my shoes before I begin. Until then, I plan on going with the clogs until the mood strikes me to really shop!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Linda Starr said...

From too many years of heels, than years later working on hillsides, I developed to plantar fasciitis. So now I only wear Dr. Schols wide width totally enclosed shoes. My sister's podiatrist advised not to wear backless shoes or go barefoot at all. So my shoes now are what my husband calls 'old lady looking shoes'. Almost every other shoe I have tried doesn't have arch support. Sometimes I get boys shoes which are better made than women's shoes. Why can't someone make a shoe that's actually good for our feet.

Tracy said...

I too have plantar fasciitis although I don't wear my orthotics as much as I should in fact, I can't even tell you where they are at the moment.
What I think about often is how did people live in the world years and years ago without all this fancy stuff to make our lives more comfortable?
thanks for visiting!