Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Response...

I’ve been enthralled by other writer’s blogs basically because I’m curious OR call it nosey as to what other writers think is important enough to put in writing! What is it that captures their imagination and causes their words to sprawl upon the page?

Through my search I happened upon:


On Monday, November 15 she blogged about her obsession with boxes and what it signifies about her as a person. After reading her words, I chuckled to myself; one as a result of her honesty and two because I also have a fascination with boxes.

I had to pose the question to myself, ‘What DOES this say about me?’ As I noted on Kenju’s comments, my attraction appears to be with containers on the small side such as the boxes Nicholas’ toddler shoes came wrapped in or the old cigar boxes that have since been replaced by plastic to be used for pencil boxes at school.

I have numerous boxes in my drawers that I’ve accumulated trinkets from prior students that may say, ‘World’s Best Teacher!’ or ‘Class ‘A’ Teacher! There’s one holding letters from old friends and family members; when that art was still in vogue.

Another box-type was actually my mother’s old metal lunch box; a rusty Christmas green that contains old portraits and cards sent by my Dad who is now deceased, and cards from my loving husband and son. I even have one with no lid that contains my son’s baby brush, and scraps of paper with book titles inscribed that I just couldn't wait to read, but I have yet gotten around to reading them.

Back to Kenju’s question: What does all this mean? I presume most of us like to keep reminders of who we are and where we came from. In my case, reading my Dad’s old cards is bittersweet since he was not a good father and we went through an estranged period but reconciled before his death. Things strike a chord and return recollections to the forefront of our minds and if we aren’t ready or willing to re-visit those times, they continue to be neatly tucked aside. At that moment and only IF we are dressed in suitable armor do we allow the memories to stake a claim to our hearts.

The box merely serves as containment; a holding ‘in’ of the feelings; good, bad or indifferent that connect us to a past world, a former friend, an earlier time and place. Therefore, if you are lucky, may you be blessed with many boxes of memories that have molded and shaped your life. I know I feel blessed by my own.


Debra W said...


I enjoyed reading about your"box addiction" and the wonderful things that you keep tucked inside. Your words about your father and the picture of your mom's old lunch box touched my heart. How lovely it is to have those little pieces of days gone by. One of the sad things about technology is that we are in danger of losing those little notes of days gone by. I think I will write more hand-written notes after reading your post.

Thank you for following my blog! I am glad that it led me to yours. I will be back to read more of your wise words!


kenju said...

What a lovely post - and how pleased I am to have generated it. Thanks for following my blog! I'll be back.

Arkansas Patti said...

Kenju sent me.
I think it is wonderful you have such wonderful reminders. I am aftaid mine have gotten lost in all the moves. You are right, sadly electronics with emails and texting leaves no permanent trail.
That is why I blog. It is here for eternity or at least as long as blogspot exists.
Nice post.

Tracy said...

Welcome to all of you and thanks for your kind words...it's always wonderful to make new connections and to gain perspectives of varying individuals. Isn't that what life is all about; relationships?
I look forward to following you all as well...blessed day to you!

Pat said...

I enjoyed reading that and although I grumble about my husbands predelection for cardboard boxes I'm reminded that I have an old tin box that I could never get rid of. We were hard up when I was a child and this box was always regarded with awe because it contained THE RENT BOOK.
Happy Days!

Olga said...

A very thoughtful reflection. I am glad that kenju pointed us to your blog.

Tracy said...

Thank you Olga...I love those serendipitous moments!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Sweet Post! I LOVE having "things" from my past and my Family's past, too...Pictures are especially meaningful to me....And these things do become dearer and dearer as time goes by....Kenju sent me, by the way---And I'm glad she did!

Tracy said...

Lady of the Hills,
I'm in a quandry though with the 'things' of my family's past...I have some beautiful Bibles my Grandmother had purchased in the Holy Land and just not sure what to do with them.

Anyway, I'm glad you stopped by. I love meeting new friends in the writing community.

Travelin'Oma said...

I have a collection of boxes that I use to hold newspaper clippings, recipes, photos I want to scan, bills. An old cigar box sits inside my nightstand with pen and paper and a few important phone numbers. You've got me thinking about treasured keepsakes. Thanks!