Monday, November 15, 2010

Now what?

Now What?
It appears I’ve just given birth to my second child. No, not literally, but literary is more like it.

This past weekend I went over my manuscript for My Life as a Dog…with a fine tooth comb scrutinizing every single word, syllable, conglomeration of words and phrases to make sure it was perfect! Hah, not sure what perfect means in this case or even if I can strive to have it but the attempt was there nonetheless.

So this morning, while I made a few changes and added some additional details noting that even if I went back to it, I’d probably make even more changes. It’s just the way the process is. But then I wondered…what next? I’d become one-dimensional… it seems my entire world has been wrapped up in completing this book and now that it is ready to be sent away, now what?

It IS like giving birth metaphorically. I nurtured, prepared, fostered and developed the words in preparation for a final product and it has arrived! I am giddy with the prospects! However, at the same time, the apprehension resonates with future possibilities, the success or failure of what has already been accomplished and anything less than the first child, so to speak, will not be adequate.

I think I’ll take my son golfing and fully enjoy his company once again since my mind is no longer consumed (hah! Yeah, right!) with the pages of my book. Perhaps I’ll even add a dimension or two to my daily existence and re-connect with my first born!

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