Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How are YOU Challenged?

The free glider, the eagle
swooshing down swiftly,
soaring like a jet
pretending now to be a branch,
now dead leaves, then a kite.
While its wings lift with the wind,
the eagle coasts and flow above the injured sparrow;
its eyes glitter with the savage thought of attack.
Then suddenly it turns away from its prey,
as serenely as a brook.
It floats smoothly across the tree tops,
a sense of freedom on its wings,
the eagle flies high while it searches for prey
more competitive.

I wrote this poem in high school although I couldn't tell you the specific age; at least thirty three years ago. I also couldn’t identify the challenge presented to me or the significance of these words, yet I can speculate.

However, these words came to mind this morning upon receiving an e-mail from a cherished college friend whose life has taken on noteworthy challenges. She is unemployed and like millions of Americans her benefits have shriveled and died. She is in a controlling emotionally abusive relationship as well as in school for acceptance into a program to unlock future job choices. Ultimately difficult challenges await her.

Which brings me to the question I present to you; how you do confront adversity? Do you pay little to no attention to the seemingly insignificant obstacles like that of the eagle and the inauspicious sparrow?

Are the challenges you face on a physical plane or more of a psychological/emotional level? When the situation is critical are you more apt to wait for boredom to strike and explore competition?

…just curious~

(this photo was taken off an aol website...)


Marydon said...

Beautiful write ...
Have a beautiful winters eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

SquirrelQueen said...

An interesting view of an eagle's search for food, very well written.

I tend to take a step back and examine all the options and then tackle the problem head on. At this moment my challenges are rather light, life is good.

Dawn said...

Hi Tracy!
Glad to have come by and read this post. I was thinking this I a Fight or Flight person? hmmmm...i think it depends on the Adversity.
Right now...I'm fighting and flighting so i am a wee bit mixed up;))

Thanks for coming by my blog today.
Love your thoughts here~thank you.

Tracy said...

Thank you Marydon, it is a beautiful evening because we are all snug in a nice warm house :)

Squirrel Queen...thank you, I tend to react as you do, although sometimes I fight without thinking; not always good!

good point; often it does depend on the adversity and it's okay to be mixed up...aren't we all to some point?
Thank you for stopping by~

Arkansas Patti said...

Interesting questions and well done. My challanges are physical as my body bows to the years and my mind forgets the darndest things.
Emotionally, I am probably in as good a place as a person can get, another by-product of age. This by-product is on the plus side, along with SS checks and senior discounts.
I'm not a fighter, most likely a flighter.

Wanda said...

Whenever I face a challenge, I work my self through these three questions.
1. Ask myself what is the worst that can possibly happen.
2. Prepare to accept it if I have to.
3. The calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

Patty Ann said...

I think that I am a little like Wanda. I try and face everything. I have had a lot of challenges in my life, so I have a lot of practice. Sometimes, I cry, but then I deal. You just have to reach down into the very depths and pull up your resources and turn everything over to God. I think one of the hardest things I have ever had to learn is simply Trust.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tracy, That poem is awesome... Can't believe you wrote it so long ago....

I had a rough first marriage. I stayed in it MUCH too long (20 yrs)... It was when I finally (with the help of a good friend) decided to get out on my own (which was scary). BUT---it was the best thing I ever did... And our sons didn't suffer because of it (which is what I was SO worried about).

Raising my kids by myself and working fulltime wasn't easy... But--I'm a better person for standing up for myself.


Ginny said...

That is an extremly good poem for one so young, I hope you have continued to write? As I read it, I thought it was by a famous poet. In all adversities, I start with prayer. Trying to turn it all over to God, let go, and let him work it out the way he wants. Of course I say TRY. I am a natural worrier, but God does help me so much with this, I need to let him take over more.

Tracy said...

Arkansas Patti, I am so glad you are in a good place emotionally and physically, I'm like you...I struggle but just becuase I want to do what I use to do; is that too much to ask?
Hang in there Lady and thanks for sharing!

Wanda, I love the process you take yourself through. I told my friend she needs to come read all the comments so she can feel empowered; thank you!

Patty Ann, I totally agree; deep inside we are equipped to deal with difficult times, we only have to believe that we can and trust God!

Betsy, I'm so glad you are now out of that marriage and happy that you feel good about your choices. I can tell you are an incredibly strong woman; hurray for you!

Ginny, I don't so much write poetry now but I put a lot of my feelings into my blog...I once heard someone say: 'worry is an insult to God' to which I responded, 'eeegads' wouldn't want to do that so I have turned myself into 'not much of a worrier?'

I thank all of you and have directed my friend here to read your are incredible people and I'm glad you are in my life!

Catherine said...

When something is challenging I tend to let myself cry about it for an hour or two ~ perhaps a day if it is really bad ~ but then I force myself to look at the good things around me, pick myself up, and carry on. Not always easy to do though!

Excellent post Tracy!
xo Catherine

Brian said...

I think Wanda is very smart! When I face challenges that seem overly troublesome I find a little catnip and a catnap does wonders!

Jules said...

I'll let you know. Currently in the same situation as your friend, minus the relationship. Sometimes just surviving is all you can do. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Nancy said...

I suffer over mental challenges much more so than physical. I do what I have to do here at the farm, no matter what shape my body is in that particular day.

But I'm working on the mental part -- fear is such a controlling factor.

Thanks for the insights and interesting questions. :

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful words.

Out on the prairie said...

I take life as it comes along, happy to be part of a new day.I try not to let physical or mental obstacles block my way from enjoying what I have in the fullest.

kenju said...

Answering that would require more thought and time than I have today. However, my response to adversity, more often than not, is to yell. I get louder and louder.

Julie said...

Beautiful poem. As you've read from my blog, adversity (mostly psychological/emotional) has taken a front seat in my life. I have to admit for the most part I tackle it head on. Some of it I have chosen (like grad school) and some of it chose me (trauma, depression). Regardless, it’s a part of me and I continue to plug along the path hoping that it makes me more resilient, compassionate, and mindful.

Bossy Betty said...

Lovely poem! Adversity? Well, sometimes I meet it head-on and other times I hide from it. I guess it just depends on the situation.

Tucker said...

Tracy, thanks for your thoughtful blog I really enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by my blog spot. Say hi to Hurricane for me, we Goldens are pretty handsome! Slurps, Tucker

Kittie Howard said...

Very thoughtful and very well written, Tracy!

If there are train tracks, I know a train will come. I prepare!

Tina G said...

I just ran across your blog and I love it. A really great read! I can't wait to read more.
You have a new follower! Have a blessed day!!!

JennyD said...

Challenges go with life. To me, picking your battles wisely is key. Not every challenge is worth the trouble; some just throw you off kilter from seeing the important stuff waiting behind it. But when it's important, stand up and be counted, fight the good fight. Challenges make the ensuing peace all that more valuable and us more thankful.

JennyD said...

(darn post button, lol) I meant to end with, I think that challenges are all blessings in disguise. Ok, done.

Dianne said...

I was a tackler, get er done, fix it kind of person all my life
until the past 2 years
a combination of physical issues and family drama has really kicked my butt and I'm off my game

I love the poem
especially since it was written by HS you
what a great kid you must have been to have such insight