Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Life as a Dog…and Auf Wiedersehen!

I bet you don’t know what those big words mean do you? Well, I have to be honest and inform you I didn’t know either until I googled it on the computer. The computer sure is a fascinating thing! When I first saw the phrase, I actually thought it was what dogs do; arf… but really, it translates into ‘good-bye for now’ in German which is necessary to say since Nee Nee; that’s my mom if you didn’t know, told me I couldn’t write on her blog anymore…sniff….sniff….

I have very mixed feelings about this latest development because you see, from the moment I first crept onto the workstation with all these buttons with lines; well, there's such pride in my efforts. Besides, I take such delight in writing about my happenings, experiences, and this thing called life. The marks on the paper made me as free as a dog running in an open field. It just felt brilliant, you know?

Golly, there was so much I wanted to share of my life; my first girl, Sadie, well, really she's been my only girl and my children, bet you didn’t know I had six pups, did you? I also wanted to tell you about the crib where I was brought into this world, how I chose my boy, the arrival to my new home! And oh, there was this time I snuck into the dryer…that was pretty funny! What's more, I once had two kitty-brothers; Ginger Roozer and Tigger Magoo….ahhh, those memories make me smile and I positively miss those two rascals.

Nevertheless, it’s DONE! KAPUT! Momentarily ceased… Evidently, Nee Nee sent my stories to a literary agent to see if it has potential, whatever that is…and to see if they liked the material enough to publish it into a hardback. When she received a response the other day confirming they would like to work with us, clearly that sparked the end of my life accounts onto our blog. She talked about opportunities and stuff I definitely do not understand but I have to trust that she knows best; although I must tell you this; I sure will miss this blogging.

I still love this life….and Auf Wiedersehen; ARF!

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