Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Life as a Dog...and the Mountains!

Mom, This is for you. I know you've had a rough week with the death of your friend so I hope one more Hurricane story will add a smile to your day! I love you~

Let me tell you how programmed I am. Whenever I see the suitcases come out of the closet and my family begins putting their stuff into that bag, well, I just assume we are going to the ocean. So imagine my excitement when I saw my family rummaging around, talking about what they should bring, and if they’ll need this or that. I could NOT wait!! In fact, I even wanted to do the dance, ‘I’m goin’ to the ocean, goin’ to the ocean…’ I had this incredible desire to sing it at the top of my lungs, but I showed some restraint because I am going to be two years old next week, you know.

I have to be honest, though and tell you I was slightly concerned since I didn’t see them gathering any of my belongings so I stayed real close. One time, Big D said, ‘Hurricane, you gotta move out of my way!’ Geez Big D, just stick a knife in my heart would you? I plopped down in the middle of the kitchen and managed a hefty sigh so if they had any inkling of forgetting me, they’d have to trip over me before they‘d leave me.

The gear was packed in the van and whew, FINALLY, they put my accoutrements in the back and ordered the directions to climb aboard! They don’t realize how nervous I was becoming. I thought I might have a panic attack! But off we went! Driving, driving, driving…

Geez Lousie, Big D, this doesn’t seem like the way to the ocean, I wanted to throw his way, but he was getting grumbly about all the traffic so I kept my thoughts to myself and peered out the window. Gosh, the aroma revealed we were just not in the right place but I kept watching and waiting. I couldn’t find the vast indigo swimming pool but what a striking sight! It looked exactly like the multi-colored gum drops Little D likes to munch on. There was a stunning display of butterscotch, ruby and gold swiped across the painter’s palette. Wow! Big D., this is a dazzling portrait by nature. I can see why you brought me here. It sure is a delight watching the leaves perform cartwheels across the road before lying in their final resting place creating a carpet of color. Wherever this place is we are traveling is certainly a sight to behold. The soaring landforms reach out to God with their peaks and summits and will you look at that, the billowy puffs of clouds are bending to greet them.

I hang onto Little D as we snake our way through the winding roads being tossed like corn in a popper. I am filled with awe as we reach our sleeping destination among the stark and naked branches high in the altitude. ‘Nee Nee, why do my ears pop? ‘I ask and recognize there are so many questions I have as a dog. I shake my head forcefully to emerge the bursts loose that are exploding in my ears.

‘Let’s go!’ announces Big D and my family takes our entire luggage from the van and deposits them into the dwelling. We spend the days doing different things than we normally do at the alluring body of water I find so irresistible, but pleasurable nonetheless. Who am I kidding by saying ‘we’? I realize I am JUST a dog, but they unloaded the vehicle and went off on their merry way to have lunch, pan for gems which certainly does sound appealing, and visit the countryside searching for firewood and trinkets. All the while, they left me in a strange new place which made me feel very gloomy.

However, after their homecoming we had a divine time. We built a warm blaze in a cement slab and I got to help eat the puffy marshmallows we cooked. Hey, I’m eating the clouds we saw on our way here and boy, were they certainly scrumptious! The next day my family and I climbed atop one of those peaks that reach the Heavens and oh goodness, it was so dazzling! Plus, I received so many pats and strokes from strangers who considered me so pretty; there were ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘awwws’ which made me cheerful!

But I have to be truthful; while the mountains were magnificent; my preferred place of travel continues to be the ocean, however, I think ANY time with my family is noteworthy and extraordinary.

I love this life….

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