Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Life as a Dog...and a New Toy!

YIPPPEEEE!!! I got a package in the mail on Saturday~ …well, okay; it wasn’t for me but for my boy, Little Daddy. Yet I have this firm belief that EVERYTHING in this house is mine! At any rate, he came racing into the house saying he got a present from BarbPat…OHHHH, I like presents! I never heard of BarbPat but if it makes him thrilled then it’s okay by me!

‘BarbPat were our neighbors when we lived in Ohio’ Little D advised me. BarbPat? I created this quizzical look on my mug and cocked my cranium to one side. This generally tells my family I’m perplexed which seems to happen a lot…these two-legged humans sure know how to muddle very simple things. In any case, BarbPat is actually two people; Barb AND Pat, he was explaining but when he was a little tyke he shoved the words together and just called them both by one name; BarbPat… whatever! Works for me if it works for him!

So as I was saying, they sent this parcel to Little D and he was as blissful as a dog peeing on a post. He spied an opening and ripped until the contents splattered out onto the table. I sniffed it before my eyes caught a glimpse of my treasure. WOW! For me? BarbPat don’t even know me and they mailed me a toy? How cool is that?

I am crazy about my toys…I love to tug, shake and squeak every single one of them; so much amusement! But my latest toy was ‘da bomb! It was a crimson nylon sculpted bone packed with fluff and a squeaker; those are preferred! I find it irresistible to sink my teeth into my playthings so I can listen to that reverberating peep. …PEEEP!!! An added trendy article; attached to one end was a knotted braid of scarlet, white and black rope so Little D could grasp onto one end and I could heave with the other. I raise my hind quarters into the air and unfalteringly dig my toenails into the mushroom colored floor covering and give it all my muscle; PUUULLLLL! Whenever we do that I haul him across the room. I love the sound of Little D’s laughter! That’s one of the finest parts of being a dog, I say.

My best part is EVERY part, but Little D considers the most excellent element to be the Ohio State University insignia monogrammed on the bone and words that describe me perfectly… ‘GUARD DOG!’ YEP! Yep, that’s me… I ALWAYS guard and protect my family!

I love this life…AND new toys! Come on, Little D, let’s play!

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