Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Life as a Dog...and Whatever Do You Call it?

SQEEEEEEAKK!!! Oh Little Daddy, by all means, what are you doing? Whatever that is you are piercing my ears; don’t you realize that we dogs have incredibly sensitive ears? It sounds like you are strangling a chicken!

WHEW! Every nighttime Little D unlatches this carbon box and digs out sections of ebony circular pieces of something with gold buttons. He places a wooden something or other into a pointed piece that goes into his mouth and then he blows…EEEGADSSS! I admit he is getting better but goodness gracious, every so often this throbbing wicked screech comes blaring out of the metal contraption.

He works very hard to make beautiful noise escape through its chambers but when he breaks a ‘reed’ as he calls it, the black wood bellows and clamors like a wounded wolf on the prairie. In truth, I do want to be of assistance to him because he gets so frustrated, so I offer a lickie-licky on his arm as he’s playing but he shrugs it off. Hey, that’s not nice Little D; I’m only trying to help.

Sometimes while he is sitting on his stool, papers in place; music he calls it, I rest my chin on his knee stretching my eyes as far as they will go with little movement of the head so I can gaze into his concentration. Good Little D, I try to applaud his efforts because when he isn’t persuading the deafening sounds, it is rather lovely.

‘Keep practicing Nicholas, you’re getting it!’ says NeeNee as she encourages him night by night to practice his clarinet. Ahhh, so that’s what it is; a clarinet! Well, that’s divine Little D, just exquisite. Little D works awfully hard and the more he plays, the fewer times I have to cover my ears with my paws which I know hurts his feelings. I want to keep him in my eyesight so I position myself in the hallway and let out a big ‘SIGH!’ to show my support; although he thinks I’m bored. But I’m not; the sound IS showing improvement every evening. My most beloved song is Mary Had a Little Lamb which puts me into a little snooze after dinner.

Before I doze I want to tell you, Ahhh, I love this life…and the syrupy noise of music! ZZZZZzzzzz…..

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