Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Remembrance...

A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup.

1 Corinthians 11:28

Our local small town newspaper delivers only once a week on Wednesday. It was that day an article appeared about Meg entitled, In Remembrance written by Christine B. Dickson. I read it with melancholy as I held in mind the picture accompanying the writing piece that televised a sweet photo of Meg’s dazzling smile. It was a beautiful heartfelt essay. (read here)

More capturing than the composition was the title of the commentary as it transported me to my Lutheran upbringing. I adore the Lutheran doctrine although I don’t attend church regularly, more so, I don’t attend ‘organized’ worship but feel an immense connection to God and my spirituality. However, the words, ‘In remembrance’ brought to mind communion preparation; but specifically observing the moment we take to examine ourselves before partaking in the bread and wine.

In remembrance…what an encumbered phrase, along with it the daunting task of self-evaluation. Ummm, what are my actions and thoughts that are pleasing to God? Hopefully, my compassion and empathy of others who suffer, or my tendency to give individuals the benefit of the doubt is nice? How about my sense of humor and charm?

Or those procedures that aren’t so gratifying or delightful; I’m certain I have a few or perhaps more. Is it my critical nature or my snap judgment of others and their intentions? Or possibly the part of me that holds grudges and doesn’t forgive so easily? It is probably my intolerance for ignorance!
So let me pose this question; In remembrance…what comes to your mind?


Out on the prairie said...

I think having a happy life places you in the graces of God. He is everywhere in our lives so easy to be with 24/7.I am in grace this weekend with a 4month and 1 yr old, and 20 years since I changed a diaper.It comes back, I hope.LOL

Kilauea Poetry said...

I read that and it was beautiful..
but I hope I'm not assuming anything? Your point-the caption and the words that don't quite fit..mabe on a level of how crummy church signs make you feel? ha ha
I agree with the organization thing too.. so in or (do this in- remembrance of me)'s an evaluation..before you lift the solemn cup-
It's got me trying to squeeze something in?

Tucker said...

Mom says, "After sitting in church for many years with the phrase "In Remembrance Of Me" carved into the communion table, that's what comes to mind... Not what I do or am in the scheme of things, but what God (particularly Jesus) has done for each of us. I like to remember that and hopefully it centers me to others and take away from my self center."

As for me, I go to church once in awhile with Dad, and even made my mark by the communion table... not such a great remembrance, so I'm told. Yes, that is a true story. Tucker

Ginny said...

What a thought provoking and good post!! Well, I will answer just off the top of my head, and this is just my personal thought. In Remembrance reminds me of two things. First, to remember what Jesus did for all of us, and second, to remember our thoughts and actions since the last communion, aknowledge any wrongdoings we have done, and take communion with a penitent and thankful heart. This is pretty easy for me because my husband is Head Deacon, and runs all our communions, and I sometimes serve communion and prepare the bread and wine. My best friend is Lutheran, and I sometimes go to her church, which is so different from ours, and I really get such a warm and wonderful feeling there.

Kimmy said...

Those words remind me of my father. I lost him when I was 19. (heart attack) Just hearing those words reminds me of the things we did together as I was growing up.

Tracy said...

I like the way you think...I too believe God is everywhere 24/7. Now about that diaper changing; how's it going? Did you hear my chuckle from NC? the best of luck to you!

KP~my intention was to associate my thoughts of the title of the article 'In Remembrance' with the affiliation/connection from church and communion that asks us to examine ourselves...that's all and wonder what other people think of when they hear that phrase.

Oh my Tucker, I'm sure that was a sight to behold; you at the communion rail and boy, is there a story in that event. I hope you weren't too traumatized by the situation! But I have to be honest and admit it brought a smile to my face!

Ginny, thank you so much for your thoughts because I so enjoy sharing them as a way to get to know each other. I'm sure that's a special time when you and your husband can present the communion.

Kimmy, that is so cool that you remembered your father and your special memories. Losing him so early in your life was difficult I'm sure but hopefully you smile at your thoughts of him.

Daisy said...

The words "in remembrance" for me usually mean in honor of or in tribute to. Nice post, Tracy.

This strikes so close to home for me. My coworker's daughter is also suffering with inoperable brain cancer and has a Caring Bridge site where the family posts updates. She is undergoing treatment, but the outlook doesn't seem very bright for her.

My heart goes out to this young girl's family.

Old Kitty said...

I remember my father and sister, gone from my mortal world but together healthy and happy in my heart!!!

Take care

JennyD said...

To me, remembrance is the answer to "it's not how much the person had, it's how they made you feel". I'm sure you've heard that addage before but it is very, very true. So it's how we treat our fellow man and the living of the Golden Rule that is the crux of the matter. Remembrance can only be sweet after that.

Kimmy said...

Tracy I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. :):) If you don't participate in awards I totally understand. I just had to let the world know what a great blog you have.

God Whispers said...

Tracy appreciate you sharing. Thank you.

Nancy said...

I'm not a religious or spiritual person, but "Remembrance" does strike a chord with me.

It brings to mind my father, who passed some four years ago from Alzheimer's Disease -- a terrible ending to an otherwise joyful life.

It took me a long time to shake the visions of what my father had become due to his illness -- but my "remembrance" is now of how my father appeared to me as a young child -- my hero, my friend, my confidante, my conscience.

Mamma has spoken said...

I'm not much for 'organized' religion either but like someone else had stated, when I see the words "In remembrance" I think back to my childhood. I grew up in the baptist church and the table in front of the pulpit always had those words carved on the front. Now, when I go to different faiths' churches, I notice what they have on their 'alter'.
But I also think about a life that is no longer with us when I see these words.

Corine said...

When I hear "in remembrance" I immediately think of Jesus Christ and the sacrifces He has made for each of us... His body bruised, and blood spilt. Then I remember that I need to examine my life daily, constantly repenting and striving to leave my sins behind. I remember that He loves me and believed in me enough to make the sacrifices... and He believes in me still. And so I strive to be the best I can be, and be content with my best.

Penny said...

With the word "In Remembrance" my mind automatically thinks of the old quote God gave us Memories so that we could have roses in December.


KathyA said...

Upon hearing that phrase I'm afraid I only think of loss -- nothing positive at all.

Peggy K said...

First thing that comes to mind is the loss of someone in my life. Next I think of communion during my days attending a catholic elementary school. But you've given me some food for thought!!