Sunday, January 23, 2011

to C.A.R.A~

It's me, Angel-Kitty.  The orphange where I use to live sent NeeNee and Dad a note asking about  how I was doing. Since they've been so busy and hadn't gotten around to it I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Dear CARA,

Mom said you all had written to ask how I was doing, but golly gee, my new family has kept me so busy I have not been able to get a moment on the computer to send off a short note. At last, it’s my turn on the box; Hurray!

So, let me tell you about family. There’s my Mom and Dad. Mom or Nee Nee as we all call her; and don’t ask me why, we just do! But she is a writer and so whenever she sits at the computer to write, well, I acquire the best seat in the house; her lap! Yessiree, I curl up in a slight ball and settle in for my best nap. From time to time Hurricane, my brother will put his snout into my face to get my attention but I just tell him, ‘HEY, don’t bother me now, can’t you see I’m getting my beauty rest?’ Well, one smack with the paw and imagine that, he leaves me alone!

Speaking of my doggie brother; I have to inform you that he gets the finest food in the house. Whenever he’s presented with his breakfast or dinner, I slide immediately in front of his bowl and begin licking the savory juice. That is such a treat! Hah, he can’t chase me away because my two legged people declare, ‘Hurricane! Leave her alone!’ so I nonchalantly glance back and gaze just long enough for him to catch the smirk on my face.

I feel such strong affection for my human brother Nicholas. His room is decorated in a tiger theme; are you familiar with the fact that I am part of the cat family? Oh, how I desire to grow up and roar like the Queen of the jungle. I am, you know, the princess, so it won’t be long now! Anyway, I sleep most every night on Nicholas’ bed and it sure is warm and cozy.

Oh my Dad, he’s funny and calls me ‘Kitty Cat’ or ‘Little Cat’ which I really don’t mind because it’s kind of a pet name just between the two of us. When I was at the shelter my formal name was Angelina Jolie, which turned into Angelina or Angel-Kitty, and now, well thanks to Dad, I have all kinds of name. When I want to be left alone, well, I ignore all of those surnames!

But Dad gets up early and works in the feeding room on his lap top or reads the newspaper and this is our time to play. I like to plop right down on his box and watch that little line move across the screen. I just don’t understand why I can’t grab it? I also like to take hold of the pencil or pen he’s using to complete his crossword puzzle and sometimes I even bat it to the floor and swipe it across the hardwood. That’s fun!

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in on some recent happenings here. Truly, it’s never a dull moment! I’m doing great and adore my family, although my four legged brother can be such a pain at times!

I do miss you all but gosh, there’s nothing like having my own family! I pray all the kitties and doggies there at C.A.R.A get a home of their own real soon.




CountryDreaming said...

Angel-Kitty is most definitely right at home, ruling the roost, with a family that loves her. An A+ report!

Mamma has spoken said...

Pets really do become a big part of a family. Glad you found her.

texwisgirl said...

So glad you're doing so well! If only all the animals could have a great home like yours!

Wanda's Wings said...

Oh she looks so much like my Princes who also rules the house. I'm glad she found a good home!

Penny said...

Oh Angel-Kitty that was such a wonderful letter you wrote to let the humans at the shelter know you are doing good and fitting right in to your new home.
Hey angel, glad you got that woofie in the house trained - you can never give them the upper hand. But you already know that
Genghis Khat

Catherine said...

Black and white kitties always look very well dressed. :)

Looks like sweet kitty is going to be very well loved for a long time. Makes me happy!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening Tracy!
xo Catherine

Brian said...

You sure covered it so nicely, forever homes are the best!

Deb said...

This is just too precious!!! Thanks for stopping by @ Jeremiah 29:11 and commenting on Sunday Morning Song. I Can Only Imagine is my favorite of Mercy Me,'s actually the ring tone on my phone!!! :) HOPE you have a great week1

Jim said...

Thanks Angel-Kitty for the 'low-down' of your new place! You sure have got it easy there Missy. And it sounds like your humans are really nice people. You are one lucky kitty! I know, they are the lucky ones. lol

Ginny said...

Angel-Kitty, you are just beautiful, and so blessed to have such a happy home!

Sandra said...

To be in the head of a cat!

Valerie@IntelligentExpressions said...

Hi Tracy - tried to find an email on your profile - but you don't have one linked - so I will comment here. Thanks for your thoughts over at intelligent expressions. Just wanted to answer your question - that yes I did take the photo 23/365. I use all of my own photo's on that website - part of why I started that blog. I used to make worship slides for song lyrics and scripture for my church - and always had to find other peoples photos. Once I started learning more about photography I decided to use my own. I don't make them for my congregation anymore (I'm no longer there) but post them on the blog as an inspiration to myself and anyone else who may see them.

Those trees are so interesting to me. I am always drawn to them. I have taken so many pictures of them thru the seasons. In fact I posted for #21 in January last year another photo of them - with two of my favorite verse/quotes - that go along with the 'dead' tree look. I have pasted the link below. Not sure if it will come thru as a link here - but you can copy and paste it - if you would like to see it.

I hope you have a wonderful week! We are at -3 right now. Can't take much more of this cold!


Arkansas Patti said...

What a great update Angel Kitty. I am so glad your humans were so easily trained. You evidently got a rather smart group. Hurricane seems a bit resistant to your training but I am sure you will dominate.

bj said...

Oh, Angelina Jolie.....are your lips as big and beautiful as your namesake??? :)))
You are, indeed, a real beauty.
xo bj

Out on the prairie said...

What a hard life, glad you spoil pets as I do.Wait, are you using any baby talk?I get caught once in a while.HA!

DoanLegacy said...

Your post warm my heart! Beautiful kitty!

KathyA said...

She's so cute!!

Bobbi said...

Beautiful! Angel Kitty is so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Nancy said...

"The feeding room..." That's precious.

I'm so glad that you have found your forever home, Angel-Kitty.

Now about this brother of yours.... :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Angel Kitty.... I know you are in a great home and I am so happy for you... I hope that all of your friends at the 'orphanage' find a good family to live with --just like you have.


dulcy said...

Good job Angel Kitty.... you sound just like your name. I'm so happy for you and your family! My two little lovelies, Iris and Willow, are also delighted that you've found such a loving home.

Erin said...

Awww.... =)

Also, I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award if you'd like it!

Rural Rambler said...

Angel Kitty I am so happy you have found a forever home. You are one of the lucky ones :)

eileeninmd said...

Cute post, Angel Kitty! I too am happy you found a great home.