Sunday, August 1, 2010

Facts of Five....

“Ready? …time for Facts of Five!”

When I was teaching a special needs self-contained class of 3-5th graders we began each day with calendar, singing, and Facts of Five. I had a laminated giant hand posted on the wall where the kids would come up and write their answers based on a category I assigned. Some topics were fun like Disney characters or flavors of bubble gum but some categories were more ‘educational’ such as five things to say to a bully or ways to help your family. Regardless of the theme, it was a grand way to generate conversation and share information about each other.

‘So today one and all, our focus: Five Things you could NOT live without…and I’ll go first and they are certainly not in order of preference.’

1.) Curling Iron…If you’ve ever seen me upon waking, my hair truly has a mind of its own and proceeds to go every direction possible and then some, so in order to make it ‘behave’ it requires the standard wash and dry PLUS the curling iron to get it to have any kind of ‘poof’! Besides, I’m vain and if my hair looks bad, I feel bad.

2.) MP3 Player…Music is beyond a doubt the key to my soul. Whatever my mood or emotional status, music supplies the words and thoughts when I’m unable to unearth suitable language. Music gives me energy and serves as a companion to tackle an array of tasks.

3.) Words…I think this goes without saying but since the beginning of time, written and spoken words enable us to connect with others; good, bad or indifferent. Words provide us with entertainment, expression, affiliation and directions to navigate the world around us.

4.) Photos…certainly the basis of my scrapbooking habit, okay, YES, addiction. Photos take us to our past through memories and moments of time; joyous or disastrous, serene or ruinous that are molded and sculpted into our current being. Snapshots are a depiction of both the ‘seen and unseen’.

5.) Cross Necklace…this simple piece of jewelry keeps me honest and true to myself, plus it serves as a token that there is a deity, namely God out in the universe that is much bigger than myself. The cross is symbolic that regardless of the struggles in my life, I’m not alone, nor am I singular in my vast fears and anxieties, my undertakings or accomplishments.

What are the five things on your list?

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