Monday, August 23, 2010

I DECLARE a NO electronics day! YES, it really did happen....

Did you ever wake up on a given day and already feel weary and annoyed by all the racket and garble that goes on around you and you haven’t even gotten out of bed? Yesterday was one of those days. Nonetheless, I strapped on my IPod hoping to impose a sudden change in my frame of mind by walking which typically calms my psyche but all of the songs grated on me as if I was running my fingernails across a blackboard. It was just pollution to my consciousness!

Also filtering into the decision was Nicholas spent a great part of Saturday with the Disney Channel blaring and can I just tell you know that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana just sends me into a tizzy? That false, canned laughter and over-acting of stupidity! Along with Phineus and Ferb; who really thinks kids are that foolhardy?

Unbeknownst to me, Scott was thinking and feeling the exact same way so when he said there would be NO TV or COMPUTER for Sunday, I went a step further and declared it a NO ELECTRONICS day! Yep, you heard right! NO I-Pods! NO cell phones! NO TV! NO computers! NO PS2! NO DSI! NO nothing by way of entertainment! Although I must admit, after I made the proclamation, my mind said, ‘oh crap! …that means no Face book or writing!’ but so be it! I had to follow the rules as well.

Can I just tell you after Nicholas got over the initial shock and repetitive questions, ‘Well, what if Jordan texts me?’ ‘What does today mean?’ ‘This stinks!’ and another, ‘I hate today, don’t you Nee Nee?!’ we settled into the day filled with projects that involved NOT things, but each other. We actually talked concerning matters of the heart rather than superficial bullsh*$! Like 'what time does the golf start?', or 'what was the movie of the day?' We essentially listened when our family members spoke rather than have our headphones on and being asked once or twice, ‘did you hear what I just said?’ while removing ear plugs attached to some noise source.

When we had an afternoon thunderstorm, we lay on the bed and truly heard the thunder rumble throughout the terrain without the distortion of talking heads from the TV. The sound of the rain was exquisite and cadenced as it pressed against the leaves outside the window. Our words and laughter were melodic tunes that not only filled that place in time, but the entire day.

Nicholas rode his scooter to friends’ houses whom he has not played with in days and rather than get on any electronics, they played the board game ‘Risk’ and Nicholas came home enthralled with the afternoon. He sat on the front porch and talked with a friend and he escorted his Dad and Hurricane on a walk. We cooked out and convened on the back deck, we collectively spoke of the best part of our day. We laughed while we competed in Jenga and Yahtzee and as the day was drawing to an end, we put on our pajamas and all congregated into bed to read.

Before we knew, it was 9:00 and you know what? It was one of the unrivaled finest days we’ve had in a long time! We re-connected on a deeper level than electronics ever invites us to, and other than Jordan texting Nicholas at 4:49 and he wasn’t able to respond, he too said it was a grand day! But we did have a chuckle when he said it was easier for us because we grew up ‘that way’ and he didn’t so it was more difficult for him; Touché!

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Dave said...

Awesome. I think we miss so much of true living because of the distractions we think we need to get by and be happy.

I am going to make a conscious effort to focus on what matters.