Sunday, August 15, 2010


I detest, abhor, and despise shopping!!!! What’s more, I loathe it, abominate it and intensely dislike it…so did you get the picture, right?

So today while Nicholas was occupied at a friend’s house Scott and I decided to venture out in search of a new and necessary pair of running shoes for both of us, which really would amount to just walking into the store, asking for the tried and true shoe we already claim to the ‘the one for us’ and fork over the money. Simple, easy…I can do that! Besides it would give us rare time to be together and essentially be able to talk without interruption, or not talk and actually enjoy the quiet.

Okay, so I made the necessary mental preparations, sucked it up and reluctantly, off we went. First off, do you know how many crazy drivers are out there on a Saturday afternoon? ALL OF THEM!!! Drivers on their cell phones weaving in and out of traffic, speeders who race to get by and then suddenly cut you so they can make their exit, and then the bozo who stopped in the middle of the interstate to let someone merge; really? Please, just take me home!

However, we were already out so I was determined to make the best of it. We had a lovely lunch at the Village Draft House and where else could we watch golf, football, Little League baseball AND Nascar all at once? The company and the food were beyond exceptional. In truth I was quite fine staying there, then getting back into the safety of our vehicle and going home, but the shoes? Well, sorry to say we hadn’t even started…

As a result, the first store…people just get out of my way and let me find what I want. Geez Louise, why do people meander in front of you, stop and stare at something like there is not a soul behind them? Or take up an entire aisle when they are ‘just waiting!’ If you are just waiting, then go wait outside! UGH!! After probing for anyone capable of getting what we need, they do not have our sizes. Okay, you are a shoe store; specifically a running shoe store and you don’t have a common size? Off to the next place, nope, no 8’s there either. What is so obsolete about a size 8?

God forbid, we get back on the highway and I take my imaginary stance of gripping tightly to the passenger side arm rest and checking my make-believe brake; all is well…until we are waiting to make a left turn and a woman almost hits a man in the crosswalk because she’s, YEP! On her cell phone…God please take me home. Next store, no size 8 for Scott and no Brooks Ariel for me, get back in the car, strap in as if heading into battle and stop at the next establishment. Walk in. Ask the man in an exasperated tone and nope! No 8 for Scott and no Brooks Ariel for me. Trudge back to the car, get in and we both looked at each other and said, ‘LET’S GO HOME!

Once home we basked in the glory of the internet where a size 8 in Nike are plentiful and a size 8 Brooks Ariel are bountiful, and the most paramount? They will deliver them directly to my door and I don’t even have to get into a car to reap the benefits!

I HATE SHOPPING!  did I mention that?


Dawn (your sister) said...

Oh Tracy, this is so you! I can't even express how your writing is "right on" when you tell your feelings in a story. I can see the pictures of your whole being when I read these. They are wonderful and I look each day to see if you have anything new written. I keep telling you that people would buy your book. Oh and yes.....I know how much you loathe shopping....unless it is a scrapbook store or teacher store. lol

Tracy said...

Thanks Dawnie...I do love writing!...but HATE shopping, which is why this morning when going out for my walk, I had to put on my OLD running shoes; no new ones for me until they come in a brown paper package to my front door!

CarrieV said...

See...I have to somewhat disagree. Shopping in itself is glorious.

However, shopping for one specific item or anytime you have time deadlines is the worst. Case and point: I spent a good part of yesterday looking for "good" athletic pants. 3 hours, 6 stores (well 5 but i even went BACK to one of them) and I purchased NO pants. ugh

Tracy said...

Carrie, I actually knew you would disagree, you bargain hunter...I admire your perseverance and tenacity!

boomchicks1 said...

This made me smile....nothing more to add except......I HATE shopping too!!!!!!!!!