Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Life as a Dog!

No, it’s not very original but what would you expect from me, as I’m only a dog. I am a Golden Retriever, whatever that is because all I know is I’m a dog! But whenever I take walks in the ‘hood, people pat me and tell me what a beautiful dog I am. Anyway, I was born October 23, 2008 in Chapel Hill, NC which must be good because my family loves this school called UNC and I guess it’s in Chapel Hill? My owners, Big Daddy, Little Daddy and Nee Nee sometimes say they’d like to trade places with me but I really don’t know why, but maybe you can tell me after I tell you stories from my life. Maybe I can sneak on here from time to time and tell stories of my place in this family!

Yesterday Big Daddy was running this machine across the carpets and I don’t know what it is for but it has a light on the front and when he rolls it toward me and the loud noise it makes, ‘VROOM, VROOOOM…’ scares me half to death so I bark at it a lot to tell it to stay away. He says, ‘Hurricane!’ …that’s my name by the way. ‘It’s not going to hurt you!’ … but I run at it and try to bite it anyway because I can’t be too sure!’ Anyway, all of a sudden, it stopped! Big D. leaned down and flipped a switch and jiggled at something in the wall but it wouldn’t come back on…dead! I’m so glad I finally killed it-for my family’s sake! He sat on the floor which is always my invitation to sit in his lap. I’ve been doing that since I was a puppy and I get patted on my belly, around my ears, on top of my head…ohhh, it feels so good. I never want him to stop. When he does I put my nose under his hand and swing it back up so he’ll keep going. AHHHAHHHH!! I could do this all day long! But this time, he just said, ‘Hurricane, outta my way!’ ...OUCH, that hurts! So I lay my head on the floor and give him my sad puppy dog look where I raise my eyebrows ever so slightly and stare at them….it gets them every time. Big D. stoked my ears for a few seconds. I guess it is better than nothing!

Okay, so back to the contraption with the glow on the front….Big D started taking it apart and oh my gosh, all my hair started coming out of it! When did my beautiful butterscotch hair come out? Big D kept saying over and over with each new bunch, ‘Hurricane, this is all your hair!’ I tell you, we sat there for 25 minutes while he pulled tufts of my fur out of every nook and cranny in that device and he put it all in a trash...boy, do I sure feel naked!*

Well, I hear Nee Nee coming down the stairs so I better end this for now, but this isn’t the last from me… I think I like this life!

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