Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Life as a Dog…and DQ!

Lucky Me, Lucky me, we’re going for ice cream!

If you couldn’t tell, I love ice cream and always have since I was just a pup. I’m really not sure how it started but my family informed me that they’ve been going for ‘o’ceam’ since Little Daddy was a small boy. The first time they took the little man, my boy didn’t like it; what was he thinking? How can you not love that rich smooth velvety lump of a cold refreshing treat? Oh, my gosh, YUM….

This is what sets the process in motion. Someone in my family will say, ‘We’re goin’ for Ice Cream! Get in the car!’ …well, you don’t have to tell me twice. I practically knock anyone over who moves in my passageway and if someone is in my way? ‘WATCH OUT!! Last one in is a rotten egg’ and I want to tell you, I am typically NOT the last one in. I quickly claim the front seat and make Nee Nee sit in back; Hee Hee! She will plop down in the back and mumble something about ‘a spoiled rotten dog’ under her breath. Hey, I can’t help it if she doesn’t move any faster than that. Maybe if she had four legs she’d be in motion more hastily. So I glance back to make sure my family is in their place, belts all buckled and off Big Daddy drives.

Just the thought of going to DQ gets me so energized I keep going back and forth, back and forth between the front and the back, ‘Are we there yet?’ I keep asking Nee Nee with my nuzzle in her face, and then I head to the front and give Big Daddy a Lickie Lickie on his cheek to advise him to hurry this bus up. Little Daddy tells me to ‘sit still’ but I can’t help it, I just want some ice cream. Let’s see, I think I’ll get my favorite, a vanilla cone, yep, that’s my favorite! ‘Are we there yet?’ and a Lickie Lickie to you too, Nee Nee!

We finally arrive at DQ and I jump out of the van so excitedly and pull Big Daddy across the parking lot while he gives me a stern warning, ‘Hurricane you gotta stop pulling!’ But I just can’t help it, I’m so thrilled! I can taste that silky vanilla crème in my mouth as we speak. I try to go into Dairy Queen but I’m reminded I can’t go in; I have to wait outside…THIS IS SO NOT FAIR!

So I choose a table or bench outside, which is after I get done wandering toward anyone with the soft frozen delicacy to see if anyone is willing to share. They all just pat me on the head and tell me how pretty I am which is fine and dandy but I prefer ice cream to kind words.

When Big D and Little D come out with the treats I sit so nicely upon command and begin devouring my chilly delight. It is so luscious and mouth-watering that I have dribble running down my chin. Oh well, that’s what Little Daddy’s leg is for; just nestle up against him real close. Ahhhh, this is a glorious, heavenly weakness of mine I never want to be without…oh no, is it all gone? Nope, got the cone remaining so I grasp it gently with my front teeth as Big D releases his grasp, then I lay on my belly with the funnel between my two front paws to conclude my feast. Chomp, Chomp…and licking my chops afterward…. YUM-MY! Then I sit patiently; maybe if I manage to look very handsome someone will share with me!?

Oh well, even if they don’t, Lucky me! I love this life…

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