Saturday, August 14, 2010

...just wondering!

If you are a follower, you know in June I had a difficult time saying ‘good-bye’ to an amazing group of 5th grade students entrusted to me. They were all fantastic kids who made such great strides academically and confidence-wise. Although I was reluctant because I get attached to my kids, I felt they were prepared to take on the world of middle school.

After twenty-four days, I find I'm questioning myself as I’m discovering that a handful is having trouble adjusting to the rigors of the curriculum and the services appear lacking. I don’t proclaim to know what goes on in a middle school as my 28 years of teaching are strictly restricted to elementary school, so one might tell me to ‘stick to what I know’ which is NOT middle school. However, compassion and caring should know no bounds and I am wondering what I could have done differently. Did I push them enough? Did I make them independent so they could be without me? Did I care too much to allow them to think that all teachers would replicate my practices?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I will tell you these are the matters I am currently mulling over and wondering ultimately who loses in the end?

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